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The Best Protection Under The Sun.

Labiosan – The best protection under the sun.

This small, but mighty tube contains the only lip and nose protection you’ll need for all your outdoor adventures. A unique blend of zinc oxide and other premium ingredients, Labiosan defends against both sunburn and windburn, and can even be used as a blister and cold sore treatment. Created in Germany over 75 years ago, Labiosan has been trusted by generations of world-class athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and members of the U.S. military. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or surfing, you can depend on Labiosan for superior protection, prevention, and relief!


Sunburn Prevention & Cold Sore Treatment

Overexposure to the sun can cause all kinds of unpleasant issues, including burns, blisters, and dry, cracked lips. Don’t let these ailments derail your outdoor fun! Apply Labiosan to your lips and nose to protect against the sun’s harsh rays; the creamy formula provides SPF 20 from its high concentration of zinc oxide, an effective mineral sunscreen. Labiosan also contains hydrating ingredients to heal dry lips and blisters, and has a touch of cooling menthol to soothe sunburn.

But that’s not all this multi-purpose wonder balm can do! Labiosan is also a trusted remedy for cold sore prevention and treatment. Simply apply a dab of Labiosan when you feel the first sensation of an oncoming cold sore to prevent or significantly reduce the outbreak. If you already have a cold sore, Labiosan will provide healing relief and speed up your recovery time. With its multitude of uses, it’s no wonder Labiosan is a must-have for professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world!